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So, what can you expect from the Inkstains blog?

The Inkstains Blog is so much more than just another writing advice site. We are tailored to you - the young and aspiring writer - and all your writing needs. Here is just a small taster of all the things you can expect from us.
Below you can find a list of our tags and what you can expect in each one. For an idea of our most popular posts, check out the sidebar.
The Devil Is In The Detail
  • Audience - Learn how to create different effects upon your readers or influence them in a certain way to help you create the most gripping stories, as well as advice on targeting your novel to the right demogrpahic and how to appeal to different audiences.​​

  • Book Reviews - Book reviews on every book that comes my way. Plus, starting 2017, we review new releases and old favourites in the YA and NA worlds with our trusty the good, the bad and the ugly system. You can find out more about this in our featured posts section on the right.

  • Character - Exactly what it says on the tin. Everything you need to know about constucting and writing the best and most real characters out there.

  • Diversity - The place to head if you want to write diverse characters or add some positive representation to your books. We get guest diverse authors to come in and discuss their opinions, as well as our own views.

  • Events - Promotions for upcoming writerly and readerly events both online and in the local area.

  • Film - Come here for film reviews and advice on writing for the screen. 

  • Genre -  All the hints and tips on how best to write and structure different genres according to their codes and conventions as well as how to avoid tropes and cliches. If you're writing with a specific genre in mind you can browse tags with individual genres such as Science Fiction, Fantasy and Crime. Or, if you're not so sure, browse through the main genre tag until something catches your eye. 

  • Graphic Novels - Advice on writing your own graphic novles and comic books as well as explorations into this most unappreciated of mediums.

  • Inspiration - Advice on the places to visit, things to see, books to read, plays to watch and so on, that will help you get in the right mood for whatever story you're writing.

  • Motivation - Ideas on everything from beating that writer's block to setting up the perfect writing space and where to get the prettiest notebooks. You can also find answers to those age old questions - how to chase down inspiration and beat procrasrination. Something for everyone here, in our most popular tag!

  • Our Work - This section contains posts and updates about each of the blog contributer's own works,  as well as links to where you can read, review and beta read. There's something for everyone here so don't hesitate to check it out!
  • Planning - Advice on everything from naming your novel to researching it to structuring it: if you don't feel ready to start writing just yet then this is the place for you.

  • ​Plot - Guides on how to structure, plan and stick to a strong plot.

  • Poetry - Advice on writing poetry and discssions of famous poets and their works can be found here.

  • Reading - Book recommendations, book dsicussions and much more. Something for everyone who loves words.

  • Resources - All of the weird things that you have to look up during the course of your writing, already researched for you and laid out here so you don't have to. As well as bullet point guides on all kinds of topics expect helpful hints on where you can go for further information on a huge variety of subjects and links to sites dedicated to writers. If you have a suggestion for what you'd like us to cover next, head over to the Contact page and drop us a message!

  • Setting - How best to describe and present your settings, as well as posts on the different effects this can be used to create.

  • Sharing - Advice on getting your work out there whether that's in competitions, short stories, online or getting published for real (traidtional and self-publishing are both valid here) as well as how to promote that work afterwards.

  • Theatre - Come here for theatre reviews and advice on writing for the stage. 

  • ​Themes - These are themes or ideas that are may be discussed and explored in different genres or narratives. Each will be titled with the genre it applies to and will provide commentary with examples and ethical considerations as well as points of interest to help you decide what message you want your work to explore. 

  • Tropes - Information on all manner of tropes, stereotypes and cliches: how you can avoid them altogether or twist them to your benefit.

  • Writing - Now of course, all the tags here about writing in some shape or form. But this tag has everything you need to know about the technicalities, mechanics and techniques of writing creatively.